About the Co-Founders

Douglass and Lisa-Marie Hatcher individually spent two decades crafting persuasive messages that sold big ideas and groundbreaking products. Douglass as a speechwriter; Lisa-Marie as an account development manager and a top-producing sales professional.

Highlights for Douglass included: (1) writing a speech that received a rare standing ovation from the U.S. Senateā€”as well as (2) boosting the visibility of a global payments CEO on stages such as Davos and in publications such as the Harvard Business Review. Highlights for Lisa-Marie included improving profitability of corporate T&E accounts with combined annual revenues of $1 billion+ as well as attaining a top 5% national sales ranking in a challenging cardiovascular product market.

Storytelling Coaches Douglass and Lisa-Marie Hatcher

But in the summer of 2017,Ā they decided to answer a call bigger than themselvesā€”bigger than the jobs they had done before. They decided to spend every working hour, helping businesspeople craft their own persuasive messages to sell their own big ideas and groundbreaking products - and communicate4IMPACT was born.


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We love meeting new and interesting go-getters from around the world. If you want to work on a collaboration, know someone who would be a great guest on one of our live shows, or want to see if our training would be the right fit for you, let's talk.

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