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SQ ScoreReport

Get ready! You’re about to get the data, analysis, and recommendations to optimize your content for maximum engagement. 

Your comprehensive SQ ScoreReport tells you:

  • What the engagement level of your content is. (Your SQ Score).

  • Why it received that SQ Score. You don’t have to guess!

  • Where you need to revise your content. You won’t waste time revising the wrong thing.

  • How to improve it. You will receive language and structure recommendations from our storytelling experts.

  • A competitor SQ Score for comparison!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an StoryQuotient (SQ) Score? 

Your SQ Score is an objective measure of how well your content connects with your customers. It measures how customer-focused – instead of company-focused - your content is.  It answers the question: Does it tell a captivating story or is it just a lot of words? 

Why does my SQ Score matter?

Your content is like a conversation with your customers. If they aren’t interested in what you’re saying, they’ll go somewhere else – like to a competitor! Content that has a high SQ score can capture audience attention more quickly, create deeper emotional connections, and inspire actions like opting in and buying.

Do I need an SQ ScoreReport or ScoreCard? 

That depends! If you only want to know your SQ Score and your competitor’s, then the SQ ScoreCard is the way to go.  

If you want your SQ Score and your competitor’s PLUS a detailed analysis of what you’re doing right and a road map to where, what and how to improve your content’s SQ Score, then you’ll want the SQ ScoreReport. 

What do I get in an SQ ScoreReport? 

Your comprehensive SQ ScoreReport tells you:

  • What the engagement level of your content is. (Your SQ Score).

  • Why it received that SQ Score. You don’t have to guess!

  • Where you need to revise your content. You won’t waste time revising the wrong thing.

  • How to improve it. You will receive language and structure recommendations from our storytelling experts.

  • A competitor SQ Score for comparison!

How can I use an SQ ScoreReport?

The ways that you can use your SQ ScoreReport include:

  • Diagnosing the cause of high webpage bounce rates

  • Identifying content issues that might be causing low conversion rates

  • Make it part of your annual marketing audit

  • Marketing agencies and web designers can use it as part of the client onboarding process to get a baseline score, as part of an annual review, or to start conversations and generate new business with existing clients.

What is the process?

Step 1: Submit the Content Link (URL) 

Fill out a short form at checkout and share the URL of the customer-facing content you would like to have analyzed, and the URL for one competitor. This could be a link to a website's homepage, a landing page, a blog post, etc.

Don't have a URL for your content? No worries! You can send us the content in a Word document via email. You'll have an opportunity to select this option on the submission form after checkout. 

*Please note: The content you send us must have 250-2,000 words. Without enough text, we can't do an accurate analysis.

For example, if there are more images than text on a webpage, we may be unable to analyze it properly.

We will let you know if there is a problem so you can submit a different URL.

Step 2: We'll Analyze Your Content Using an AI Prompt and our Storytelling Expertise!

Our team of expert storytellers will analyze the content in the URL you provided.

Our process combines the application of a first-of-its-kind AI prompt with human storytelling expertise and proven storytelling frameworks that will calculate your storytelling quotient (SQ) score. 

Step 3: Your SQ ScoreCard Arrives!

You will receive an email with your SQ ScoreCard carefully prepared just for you to show you how audience-focused your content is.

Your score will fall somewhere between 1 and 10.

1 is the lowest storytelling score and 10 is the highest. The SQ ScoreCard will include your SQ score and the SQ score of the competitor URL you provided. You'll get a sense of whether you're truly breaking through the noise and engaging your audience to the fullest. 

How quickly will I receive my SQ ScoreReport or ScoreCard? 

It can take up to 24 hours for us to meticulously analyze your content and deliver your personalized SQ ScoreCard or ScoreReport to your inbox. We strive for excellence and want to provide you with the most accurate results possible.

How do I submit my webpage or content to be scored? 

  1. Go to the Purchase page for the SQ ScoreReport or SQ ScoreCard. 

  2. Complete the purchase checkout process. 

  3.  Once the purchase is complete, you will be prompted to submit the link to the webpage you want to be scored.

    1. NOTE: If the content isn’t on a webpage, you can also email it to us. Instructions are provided in the prompt.