Stress-Free Storytelling for Solopreneurs

3 Hour On-Demand Course



Stress-Free Storytelling for Solopreneurs 

"Encouragement and intelligently chosen examples will spark your interest in storytelling. Whether you're a trainer, blogger, speaker, writer or interviewee, this is a valuable gem in any business context!"

- Maria Mavropoulou | Consultant, Trainer, Partner for Northern Greece at nlpgreece

You've probably heard about business storytelling, but do you know how to apply it to your daily messaging for competitive advantage?

In Stress-Free Storytelling for Solopreneurs | On-Demand, you will master 3 simple storytelling frameworks (we call them StoryHacks) that take the stress and frustration out of creating content. With the 3 StoryHacks in your back pocket, you'll know how to:

  • shorten the distance between you and your audience

  • create a connection and capture audience attention

  • inspire action by using struggle strategically

  • apply proven storytelling frameworks that take away stress for easier content creation

  • help people come to a unified conclusion, so that your message is heard loud and clear


StoryHack #1:

Explain What You Do With Ease

Provides the 3-word vocabulary you need to structure a story simply but powerfully, even if you're skeptical about storytelling for your business.

Man and woman doing a podcast

StoryHack #2:

Never Be At a Loss for Words Again

Find the right words, even if you get an unexpected question, are asked to introduce someone, or just can't come up with fresh content.

StoryHack #3:

Create a Connection With Your Audience

Bring the "why" of your business to life so that customers can relate to you and know that you're the right one to solve their problem.

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I'm not a solopreneur. Will this course help me?

Yes! Anyone who creates content on a daily basis - both written or spoken - will benefit from the understanding and application of business storytelling frameworks.

Who has benefited from this course?

Founders, Film Directors, Business Coaches, Fundraisers, CMOs, Authors, Speechwriters, Realtors, Podcasters, Data Scientists, Social Impact Leaders, Corporate Affairs, Lobbyists, Trainers, Engineers, Professors, Social Media Experts and many others.

On-Demand Course

$99.00 USD

  • 3 StoryHacks
  • 3-hours of instruction
  • 6 modules
  • 6 quizzes
  • 21 videos
  • 9 exercises
  • 10 worksheets
  • 1 ready-to-use, in-hand elevator pitch
  • Money-Back Guarantee
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$350 ($500 value)

3 StoryHacks + 1-Hour Live Virtual Coaching

  • 3 StoryHacks
  • 3-hours of instruction
  • 6 modules
  • 6 quizzes
  • 21 videos
  • 9 exercises
  • 10 worksheets
  • 1 ready-to-use, in-hand elevator pitch
  • Lifetime Course Access 
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 1 hour of 1:1 live virtual coaching to review any written exercises of your choice from the course (including your final elevator pitch), to ensure you're on the right track.
  • Video recording of your coaching session.
  • Transcript of your coaching session.
  • Total package valued at $500.
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What People Are Saying

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Here’s What One Person Said After Taking Our Training:


"I realized within the first 15 minutes, this was the best investment I could have I made."

Before I took this course, I knew I was doing a great job connecting with my audience, but sometimes I felt like my stories got lost. They were a little too long or I would get to the end and get the feeling that people were kind of scratching their heads, wondering what was the point? And sometimes I think my stories did get lost.

I also do a lot of podcasts, and every once in a while, I would come off a podcast saying to myself: you really missed with that. Or I wish I had been better prepared for that topic—all of which leads to fear and anxiety, which means you don't do your best.

So part of my frustration in trying to overcome these challenges is I would read books. I'm a reader. I read at least a book a week. I listen to podcasts. I would read publications.

But I wasn't finding that I was getting better. When I would talk to my peers and my colleagues, they would say, oh, you do a great job. You're fine. But I knew that I could do better. And so in taking this course, Douglass and Lisa-Marie were able to push me beyond what I have read about.

And I can tell you that within the first 15 minutes of taking this course I knew it was going to be the best investment that I could have made to improve my training, my coaching, and my ability to tell stories.

I can’t wait to put these StoryHacks into practice for my LinkedIn Live shows. And I'm immediately going to change the structure of the stories that I plan to tell going forward.

*Shared with permission from Cherilynn Castleman, Executive Coach
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On-Demand Course | Sneak Peek


Course Syllabus At-A-Glance for Your Stress-Free Storytelling Journey

Stress-Free Storytelling for Solopreneurs On-Demand Course


Course Introduction

Your journey to creating better content faster begins. Learn your course objective + what you'll walk away with.

Stress-Free Storytrelling On-Demand Course


Structure | Why It Matters

Experience the same game-changing insight discovered during research conducted at Smith College in the 1940s.

Stress-Free Storytelling for Solopreneurs On-Demand Course


Structure | What It Is

Discover the key structural elements that make a story memorable, repeatable, and actionable.

Stress-Free Storytelling for Solopreneurs On-Demand Course


Structure | How to Apply It

Meet the 3 StoryHacks - the most simple, powerful story structures out there that have stood the test of time. 

Stress-Free Storytelling for Solopreneurs On-Demand Course


Course Review

Go through this comprehensive refresher before taking the final quiz to help you turn your learning into retention.

Stress-Free Storytelling for Solopreneurs On-Demand Course


Wrap Up | Journey Ahead

This module concludes your course but your journey as a storyteller is really just getting started.

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Create Better Content Faster and Get Valuable Time Back

The desire for a flexible work schedule and the opportunity to pursue your passion on a daily basis are probably the two main reasons you got off the hamster wheel to start your own business. So, when content creation becomes stressful and overwhelming, or you feel like your messaging is just not connecting, you can feel cheated of valuable time - time that could be better spent doing what you love. 

The 3 StoryHacks that we teach in our training will help you create business messaging that not only takes less time to create but has greater impact on those receiving it, your customer or prospect.

Now is the time to start creating better content faster! 

I Want To Create Better Content Faster