Stress-Free Storytelling for Solopreneurs

Private VIP Workshop
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If you're a Solopreneur, or someone who creates business content on a daily basis, this training is perfect for you!

Storytelling is vital to business messaging. But not everyone knows how to apply it. That's why we've created "never a dull moment" training that teaches 3 simple storytelling frameworks in a fun and engaging way! Whichever learning option you choose, you'll learn how to create powerful content (stress-free), that connects with your audience, captures their attention and inspires them to take action.

Sophie Lechner

Business and LinkedIn Strategist | Founder, The Global Growth Experience

I kept hearing about how storytelling was important, but I didn't know how to do it.  I felt frustrated and defeated. But your training was very different, because now I feel like I can really do it. Storytelling has been unlocked for me. I now have the tools.

Private VIP Workshop Participant | October 2022

Start Getting Back Valuable Time that You're Spending on Marketing 

Having flexibility over how you spend your time is one of the reasons you got off the hamster wheel of your 9-5 to start your own business.  And now, you're going after the only brass ring that really matters: to live your best life on your own terms. Start creating better content faster with the 3 StoryHacks that will make your marketing more effective and efficient and put you in greater control of your calendar.


Your Training. Your Choice.

Decide which option is right for you! We offer Stress-Free Storytelling for Solopreneurs in both our highly acclaimed Private VIP Workshop as well as our On-Demand Course. In both options, you'll discover:

  1. Why storytelling matters and how it can make a difference in your business.

  2. What storytelling is and isn't, and why you need to know the difference.

  3. How story structure ensures that your message is being heard loud and clear, avoiding customer confusion.

  4. How you can apply storytelling to your business messaging that will connect with audiences and inspire them to take action.


Private VIP Workshop

The Private VIP Workshop is ideal for you if you like coaching and real-time feedback while learning.  If you have a great story to tell but aren't sure where to start, we'll give you 1:1 attention that will help accelerate your learning and retention.

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On-Demand Course

We know flexibility is important to you. Our On-Demand course has the same great content as our workshop, but you will be able to complete it at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

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Private VIP Workshop
On-Demand Course

I realized within the first 15 minutes, this was the best investment I could have made to improve my training, coaching, and my ability to tell stories.



— Cherilynn Castleman
Solopreneur | Executive Coach



If, within 7 days of completing training, you're not completely satisfied, just email us and we'll refund your money in full.