SD #22: Solopreneur Spotlight

gratitude solopreneur thanksgiving Nov 22, 2022


Sharing Stories, Making Connections

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Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.

 G.K. Chesterton


When you look at a year in the life of a solopreneur, there are adrenaline-filled days, nothing accomplished days, high-five days, and if we're keeping it real - some lonely days. Being the CEO, CFO, CMO, COO - all the "O"'s - often means that hours or possibly days go by without a "HELLO".

But we wanted to help change that, one little livestream at a time. So, in 2021, we dreamed up communicate4IMPACT LIVE | "Sharing Stores - Making Connections". The purpose of the show was, and still is, to provide a platform for introducing solopreneurs to others, giving them an opportunity to seek out advice or help for a current business problem, and share something recently learned that might be of help to others on the solopreneurial journey.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving 2022, we are so very grateful for the guests we've had this year, and we'd like to shine light on them once more to reintroduce them to you and share their wonderful work. Here, again, are our 2022 communicate4IMPACT LIVE guests. Please reach out to say HELLO and learn more about the wonderful things they have to offer. To watch their communicate4IMPACT LIVE appearance, click on the image or text below. Enjoy!  


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